VirtualXT is an IBM PC/XT emulator that runs on modern hardware and operating systems. It is designed to be simple and lightweight yet still capable enough to run a large library of old application and games.

Featured hardware:



VirtualXT is completely free and released under the GPL3 license.

Written in Go

VirtualXT is written entirely in Go with an optional dependency to SDL2.


One of the projects top priorities is to make the code simple, easy to understand, maintain and improve.

Opensource BIOS

VirtualXT shipps with a custom version of the Super PC/Turbo XT BIOS 3.1 and it's own VXTCGA video BIOS extension.


Help us find bugs and improve the project by joining IssueHunter.


If you wish to make a donation to the project you can either buy a copy of VirtualXT from or send NavCoins to this address.


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